Good Partners Are Mutually Assured Execution Devices

I had a great weekend this week. I took a beautiful lady out to some of the world’s last remaining old growth cypress forest, went to an independent film festival, and skateboarded with some old friends. I completely forgot about what I’d been working on, and instead just enjoyed the weekend.

Meanwhile, my partner was plotting and scheming, and updating our game plan.

On Saturday, he logged into our Basecamp and further refined the initial plan I’d put in place for talking to our initial customers. He’d also written up an initial questionnaire with a list of questions for our target customers. Oh, and he actually built out an initial list for this week with 25 direct contacts we have to discuss our software product with.

Logging in Sunday to the Basecamp to see all the work he’d done, I immediately felt guilty, and started looking for things to cross off. So I chose building an email drip list and installing a simple open source CRM for our customers. And because of his awesome work, I felt like I had to work and do something awesome in response.

We’re working in a positive feedback motivation loop.

We only met two weeks ago, at a hackathon here in Naples, and already we’ve met with some amazing venture capitalists, a potential competitor, and pitched our early product to about 20 highly connected people. Compared to working on your own, there’s just no contest. You need a partner, now.

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