I’m a backend and creative developer who primarily works in Python. I wrote a book about learning Python and programming through art instead of print statements. It’s called Make Art With Python, and it’s the book I wish existed when I started programming.

I’m currently working at Datadog as an APM Developer Evangelist.

Previously, I was the lead backend developer at Triller, scaling to the app from zero to millions of users, while handling the traffic from the top 100 iOS and Android stores at the same time.

Before Triller, I wrote the backend for a social app called Somebody which was also in the Top 100 free apps for the App Store, won an award for a site built for GE, helped design a lighting control system, and ran the infrastructure for a large eCommerce company.

I was also the sole developer on an iPhone app that explored tracking the human mind during meditation using raw physiological measurements. The first product available from these experiments was Buddha Mind, an iPhone app which incorporated a Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor to measure and track your Heart Rate Variability during meditation.

I skateboard whenever not programming or shooting photos. I’ve hiked the first half of the Appalachian Trail, lived in the Panamanian rain forest, and backpacked most of central america. I eat a lot of bagels.

You can see some of my Open Source Projects at me Github, and follow me on Twitter if you want to be internet friends.

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  1. Hi KP. Found your app posted on hacker news. Congrats on launching! It looks really great. Excellent blog post too. Totally spot on with modern times.

    I’m super interested in Buddhist Psychology, App development and lots more. Been sitting for almost 6 years now, speaking ruby for about 4 and python during the last year. It would be great to join a discussion group with you and other likeminded people so we can chat about all things buddhist hackery. Cheers!

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