Using Processing to Generate Christmas Presents

Download the code at Github.

As a last minute idea, I decided to write some code to generate my Christmas gifts. If you look above, you can see what the final result was with all the code. I’ve printed out a few photos I’ve taken, and made gifts out of them by manipulating a bit of code.

I figured somebody else might appreciate the code to generate some interesting imagery, and so I’ve uploaded the very basic code to github, where you can copy and modify it to your heart’s desire.

You’ll need to have a square image larger than 1296 pixels for it to work, and yes, the resolution is fixed. There’s more information at github. And yes, I realize it’s crap code. Send me a pull request instead of complaining.

Also, as a fair warning, Processing might complain about running out of memory. If it does, just go to preferences, and increase the memory available for Processing.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the people in your life.

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